Book Review: "Age of Myth" by Michael J. Sullivan

I can summarize my opinion of Michael J. Sullivan's novel, Age of Myth in one sentence. It's too familiar for me but better for someone else. Let me break down what works and what I thought was lacking to better understand my statement.

Sullivan has great prose and his world-building skills are solid. The novel opens with an untamed world of humans and a race of people dubbed, "The Fhrey." The Fhrey are godlike people revered by the human population as deities until a man named Raithe kills one. This event sets the rest of the story in motion and all other main characters get dragged into the conflict.

The premise of the story is interesting, the characters are easy to get into and the fight scenes are the right amount of bloody. Despite my earlier statement, this novel is a solid read for those who are new to the epic fantasy genre.

My problem with the novel is that I've seen it all before. It's not fair to blame the story or author for the unlucky fact so I won't. Instead, I'll stick to my original thought when nearing the end of this book. This is a great novel to start with if you've never read epic fantasy and are wanting to give the genre a try. If you are familiar with epic fantasy and have read other series prior, this story may feel a bit familiar. I'm confident in the opinion that I don't regret picking this book up, I just didn't end taking away what I hoped to. Even so, this all comes back to my personal experience with the book and experience is different for each reader.

If you're considering Age of Myth as your next read, I definitely recommend giving the story a chance. Like I said before, if you're new to the genre this is a great read to pick up to get familiar with the elements of the genre. If you're already familiar with epic fantasy, this particular novel may not be for you.

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