Book Review: “Immortal Reign” by Morgan Rhodes

Not for the first time am I writing a book review with a heavy heart because of its being the last in a book series I enjoyed. It's a bitters weet feeling to have to bid farewell to an adventure that's come to an end but is always a little easier when the end is a good one. As you know, this will be a review of the final book in Morgan Rhodes’ Falling Kingdoms series; spoilers will be unavoidable.

Jonas continues to willfully defy his destiny, but the consequences of plotting his own course are drastic. As the fight for Mytica rages on, he must decide just how much more he's willing to sacrifice.

Lucia knows there's something special about her daughter and she'll do anything to protect her, even if that means facing Kyan alone. Amara is called back home to Kraeshia. Grandma Cortas has her own plans for Mytica's future. She promises Amara power, revenge, and dominance if she agrees to be part of her scheme. Magnus and Cleo's love will be put to the ultimate test. Dark magic is causing widespread destruction throughout the kingdom. Enemies across the sea are advancing. And unrest is stirring throughout the land. Is their love strong enough to withstand the outside forces tearing them apart?

I have to start off with the apparent fact that this has been one of my favorite book series to read. Rhodes painted an exciting world full of characters I desperately rooted for as they struggled along their adventures.

As with any great book series, the plot is enticing; the characters grow with the reader and the ending satisfactory. Satisfactory is a word choice to note because, despite the positive things I have to say about this last book, I do have some specific criticism about its ending.

As with many final chapters of books that begin with a prologue, this one ends with a prologue set with a time skip--in this case two months following the events of the main story.

As it is set, Cleo and Magnus are preparing to address a now united kingdom of Mythos, Jonas--who encounters them briefly before is being summoned to Lucia’s side (insert obvious romantic ship sailing here), and elsewhere Amara is rescued from being taken to an asylum after being dethroned from her stolen throne. So, comeuppance. Oh and a witch who ends up being the Goddess Valoria herself reveals that Cleo is pregnant with Magnus 2.0.

What surprised me about this epilogue was how there was only a brief mention of Lucia from Jonas and no appearance of her or her child. In fact, at one point in the story, Lucia’s daughter gets kidnapped, and we don't even get to see that heartfelt reunion. It was surprising considering how central to the plot Lucia had been from start to finish. She may not have been in my top three favorite list of these characters, but I definitely felt unsatisfied not getting to see Licia reunited with her daughter.

Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series and will definitely miss tuning into the stories of these wonderful characters.

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