Book Review: "Indigo" by D.L. Young

For over twenty years, Indigo Cruz has worked the markets of the Texas wastelands, hustling wares, cutting deals, and earning a hard-won reputation as a tough, shrewd trader. In a dangerous, brutal world, she's managed to carve out a comfortable, safe existence... ...until the day the Fundamentalist Church of Divine Wrath shows up on her turf, throwing her world into chaos. Forced by the violent cult's leader to serve as a guide for a mysterious mission, Indigo finds herself trapped between factions warring for control of the Republic. But when she crosses paths with the runaway mind-reader Soledad Paz, will their chance meeting be the key to Indigo's survival or the final nail in her coffin?​

D.L. Young's dystopian future of South Texas continues from a new perspective that inevitably converges with Soledad's story. The unforgiving nature of this story returns with a vengeance as we follow the story of Indigo Cruz who introduces to us a much grittier side of living in Texas as a peddler with friends who's loyalty are as good as the weight of someone's pockets.

Young does it again with introducing a dynamic and relatable heroin we can't help but want to root for. Just like with Soledad, we get to root for a flawed, rough-lived individual who navigates a frightening world with nothing bet their courage and wit to go on.

It's difficult to top a strong first, but Young definitely managed that here. I didn't think Indigo could top its predecessor but I can't deny my new favorite. I have a heart for the courageous and charismatic Soledad, but Indigo packed a punch I can get behind (and definitely not in front of).

I can't wait to circle to El Flaco on my next reading list, eager to see Young outdo himself a third time.

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