Camp NaNoWriMo: Adding that Daily Warm-Up

Warm-ups. You stretch before you work out, you drill what you study before you take a test and you write to, well, write. Warm-ups are another great way to motivate yourself to achieve your word count. The overall goal of warm-ups is to get yourself into a routine that gets you into a state of being able to write comfortably. One of the benefits of participating in NaNoWriMo is the practice that comes from forcing yourself to crunch out words. The only way to achieve your word count is to practice getting yourself into a state of inspiration where the words flow effortlessly. Challenge yourself to develop a routine that inspires you to expand the amount of time you can write. There are plenty of ways to develop warm-ups that will get you to that state. This warm-up can be as lengthy or short as you would like. In the creative writing classes I took in college, the class always began with a writing prompt that was worked on for ten minutes. There are hundreds of prompt generators out there for you to use. Another warm-up I always enjoy is outlining the chapter I'm going to work on. I pop on some music and scribble in my journal until I've outlined what I'm going to write for my next word count entirely. We all have a writing process and if you haven't found yours, now's a great time to develop your very own. Whether it's setting a timer to outline a plan or spend ten minutes working on a writing prompt, the purpose is to get to know your creative mind. Train yourself to get to that inspired state of mind so producing writing for a lengthier amount of time becomes second nature.

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