La Chuiqui Blog Changes its Name!

Happy Cyber Monday!

As you can plainly see above, gave me an offer on Cyber Monday that I simply could not refuse, so I upgraded the blog at long last and renamed it all together! Henceforth, from this day onwards La Chuiqui Blog will now be known as The Sokulski Review!

As such, I will also be giving the blog a slight redesign to welcome its new official name. You can already tell some changes have been made to the website in terms of the menu getting a new paint job and some renaming as well. Regardless, from now on The Sokulski Review will now be your spare-clicking destination for book reviews and writing advice!

On the note of spare-clicking, all my faithful viewers out there made this upgrade possible so I can only offer a big and heartfelt thank you for the views!

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