Midnight Challenge: Sleepless Writer's Block

Good evening, lovely readers! I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering from sleepless nights and the block of creativity as a result, so I'm going to begin a new series of somewhat self-serving posts that hopefully may help me solve both problems.

Usually my go-to to curing writer's block has been to simply switch writing projects or work on landscaping my backyard. With my work load lately, and my recent insomniac behavior, getting my creative juices to flow recently have been impossible. Some people say writer's block is a myth, some don't, all I know is sometimes I lose inspiration and its a process getting it back.

So, with an exhausting sense of desperation bubbling in the back of my skull, I'll use this post to discuss writer's block and ways to cure it. Hopefully, it may be of assistance to more than just myself.

Curing my recent hits of insomnia may end up forcing me to take the medical route, so I'll focus on the part of my recent frustrations that have to do solely with my writer's block. It was only a week or two (or possibly a fortnight) ago, I was crunching out chapters of the novels I'm working on. I was jumping effortlessly to fanfictions when stuck, and racing to meet self-imposed deadlines. I was exceedingly proud of the progress I had been making until, sadly, I seemingly ran out of steam.

It happens to everyone, and I've always ever detested when I can't just "write through" the writer's block. My ADHD brain is fed up, and now in this case, I'm lacking in sleep to boot.

It sounds like common sense, but here's what I'm lacking: energy and inspiration. Two very crucial elements required of anyone's writing. So what is the solution to my problem?

Partly a doctor's visit, but also partly a reminder that sometimes I need to push away from the keyboard. My routine is a dependable one (developing one that works to inspire your muse is always important). The little catastrophe I've experienced recently of late however, is the well's empty. Inspiration's out the door and I'm here writing about my writer's block in the middle of the night, hoping to pull myself from my rut.

That's possibly the part of renewing inspiration that is difficult, but I suppose there's a silver lining in the fact that I suddenly have inspiration to write blog posts rather than chapters. Go figure.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a walk, get some much-needed gardening done, jot down a writing prompt or two, or even rewatch a certain movie that discusses this very topic...

Either way, here's step one in trying to encourage myself to get back into my groove and and get some rest. Admitting the problem exists is the first step, so here I go to try and get some rest and hopefully get to crunching some words out tomorrow.

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