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A few years ago I encountered a little ambience sound machine at a friend’s house that was for the sole purpose of inducing sleep. I remember how it had four buttons, one for the sound of a sea shore, one for a jungle, another for rain and the last for the sound of a heart beat. I remembered thinking such a little invention couldn’t possibly amount to something more than a little device used for inducing sleep. A few weeks ago seemingly proved me wrong.

I stumbled several days ago upon the website ambient-mixer.com. Its an incredible website filled with thousands of ambient sound tracks just waiting to be added to a blank sound file. Log-in is free (unless you want to upload your own sounds) and hundreds of sound files uploaded by hundreds of other users have already been uploaded for your listening pleasure. Before I go into how to make this happen and why, I want to go on a little more about the sound environments already on this website. They range from the customary sleep sounds to environments fans of books, films, television and video games alike have invented. I’m not kidding. To name a few, I’ve saved to my user dashboard: Belle’s library, Hufflepuff common room, 221B Baker Street, Market Day in Minas Tirith and even nature atmospheres from games like Skyrim and Dragon Age.

Here’s the “why” this website is incredible. Its a great listening track for writing. I activated an account on this website and found I could make my own custom ambient environments for absolutely free. This wonderful tool for the past couple of days has been bringing my settings to life as I write, allowing me to hear the eagles soaring above my character’s heads as they go through their day, or hear a cough as someone passes by. From nature sounds to human voices, or even a plate shattering, thousands of sounds are litteraly at your fingertips to arrange however you require. Links have been provided throughout this post (click on either link) and join as soon as you can! You can save any environments you like by “voting” and creating your own. You can even decide whether other people can hear the environments you create or not!

Membership with this website is absolutely free unless you want to upload your own audio files. In that case, definitely reference their pricing as I don't know it off the top of my head. Save the environments you want on your dashboard and create an unlimited amount of sound environments for your writing environments without a single payment required!

The website is pretty active with users, leaving me to constantly be checking if there’s another environment I need to save. Here’s a sample of one of these awesome environments as I was listening to “The Green Dragon pub in the Shire” as I wrote this post. Head on over and add another extremely useful writing tool to your arsenal.

The Green Dragon pub in the Shire

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