NaNoWriMo Prep: "A List That Will Get You Started"

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, official start date being November 2oth, 2016, so I thought it might be best to go over how the NaNoWriMo website works (link to what I'm explaining today right here). I'd suggest opening the provided link as we go so you may follow along with NaNoWriMo's official list of instructions. I'll be going into a bit more detail than the very simple list you'll see there for the sake of offering an opportunity to be more prepared towards what to expect when you sign up.

1) Fill out your profile:

First on the list. Simple enough, you don't have to give this grand, epic history of yourself but give enough to let people really get to know you. You can make real and serious connections on this website, don't let it go to waste.

2) Create your novel starting in October:

Right now is the time to decide what project you will be working on. Not the day of NaNoWriMo because you'll waste precious days doing so. Don't worry about the perfect title, just label your project for now. You'll also need to type up a synopsis and excerpt (sample writing if you don't know what the word means). These things take time, but the synopsis and excerpt don't have to be the final product, just the rough idea of what you're doing. These two can be changed later, but October is the best time to be tackling. There's a reason this is your step two.

3) Select your region:

Select your home country region. Be honest about this one because, bilingual or not, you'll want to choose your own because you get a regional lounge, which opens up to forums of people in your country and area. I've met a few cool writers in person through aforementioned forums so make sure you keep this accurate.

4) Earn Badges

Participation badges will occur when you achieve certain goals, word counts being the major one. It shows on your profile so you, and other authors, can keep tabs on your progress.

5) Get inspired

This website boasts a bunch of resources including, but not limited to, pep talks from published authors, NaNo Prep advice and much, much more.

6) Start Writing

Get writing. There's a word count dialog box on several pages of the site (you'll find it pretty easily) that has an update button. Every time you add to your current word count, type in the new number and click the "update" button.

7) Claim your win

Starting November 20th, 2017 you'll need to copy and paste the full text of what you have written once you've applied for a win (the judges will want to validate your word count of course) and you'll win!

Now's definitely the time to go ahead and sign onto the website, provided you are accepting the challenge this year. Get out those books on writing that help you get cracking, dust off your battle stations and get planning because NaNoWriMo starts next month!

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