Writing Exercises: "Writing the Rails - Tips & Gadgets for Writing on the Go"

Back to this topic once again, but this should be taken as an indication that "writing on the go" truly is an extremely important skill you need to master as a writer. Repetition is a great way to teach a person, especially when it comes to teaching a person to acclimatize to a routine, so bare with the repeating topics you see here because there is value in having to have a repeating conversation once in a while.

So let's start with the bit of advice we're much more interested in: gadgets. These are the necessary tools you are going to need while you're on the go (driving or riding) and thankfully we'll be ball-parking in the affordable range.

1) headphones

This one's better for riders as driving in your own car means you get to blast your own speakers. Whether you're on a train or subway, there's usually a phone conversation going on somewhere. Public transportation can be noisy, so get a good set of earplugs (they don't have to be fancy) and play that nice little playlist you built to fit your project.

2) earplugs

Again, this would be for riders. If music is too distracting for your writing process, pharmacies sells little boxes of dozens of earplugs for cheap. Make sure you check the box though, different earplugs are made of different materials you could be potentially allergic to.

3) composition notebooks

As I said, you'll never again escape the conversation of journaling.

For riders, this is the perfect time to whip out your journal and get scribbling. Your commute provides you time to sit and write so don't let the opportunity go.

3) laptops and tablets

This is for the techies. Bring your portable electronic that can have word documents (this involves cellphones nowadays too) and get writing as soon as you step on the train/subway. This is a crucial time in your commute to take advantage of in order to get the most out of your writing time before work.

4) small camera

This may be a new one for some people but it is a totally good tool for your commute. Nowadays everyone has a camera phone, so use it to take a picture of what inspires you. Maybe there's some extravagant graffiti near one of your stops. Maybe your bus rolls by a hip part of town with swanky little houses. Pictures are great writing prompts, so start getting an itchy finger on that camera phone.

On the topic of visual writing prompts, as writers there is something else to consider when we look for inspiration outside our transportation method's windows. Although we express our art with words, we are still visual artists. You're a mental Van Gough of some form or another, but it is crucial to your writing that you start mastering this skill too.

So let's take the challenge of describing what's outside the window of your commute? Write a scene about that run down building, or write a story about that one house with the cute dogs scampering about in the back yards. Start challenging your ability to describe the world on paper and mastering your ability to do so on your way to work.

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