BoldFace Conference 2015

Once again this year BoldFace has sadly come to an end, but I will not be too saddened by the fun coming to a close because I learned so much! This year was full of meetings with the best and brightest. My personal favorite part of this year's conference was my consultation with author Coert Voorhees.

I can not express how greatful I am towards Coert for the wonderful advice he gave me on both my manuscript and how to find an agent when I am ready to publish. It was a huge help and made meeting him all the more wonderful. My graditude as well extends to the workshop group I had this year. I had a great group when I attended BoldFace last year, but I have to comment on the brilliant minds I had in my group this time. I had never felt so in awe of the brilliant minds around me and recieved so much feedback for my submitted work. They were a huge help and it was a true honor to be able to offer my own feedback to their masterpieces.

With hope, I will be attending BoldFace next year with my first publication to chat about and acknowledgements of those who workshopped it to share. Thank you again to all who offered me your genius advice and wonderful encouragement, I had way too much fun this time at BoldFace and can not wait to return next year!

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