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I am going review crazy today, but it just can't be helped because my free-time is always spent on my reading novels and magazines (that and of course, my writing). I want to begin with a literary magazine that is published on the University of Houston campus called Glass Mountain. I'm starting with this magazine not just becaus it comes before the next magazine I want to reccomend to you all alphabetically, but because my good friend Ellen Prescott's short story was published in the latest issue.

Congratulations Ellen!

Glass Mountain is an undergraduate literary magazine that contains artwork, fiction, nonfiction, poetry and book reviews. The magazine is economically priced (their $6 online) which is worth the new-comer's wallet. The Glass Mountain team are also behind the wonderful Bolface Conference I mentioned in an earlier post. Any writer, in my opinion, should get a subscription to this magazine if and when they are able because of the great stories that appear within its pages. Best of all, each and everyone of us are welcome to offer our own work for submission. Whether it gets submitted is up to both your hard work and the publisher's approval, but I personally intend to submit my work to this literary magazine in the very near future. You can view thier website for yourselves by clicking on the link right here: Glass Mountain.

Blank Fiction Magazine is a digital, interactive literary magazine available for tablets and is any genre fiction writer's dream come true. Each volume dedictates itself exclusively to one genre. The latest issue focuses entirely on the craft of writing literary fiction while previous folumes focused exclusively on genres like horror, noir, sci-fi, and surreal fiction (to name a few).

Blank Fiction Magazine contains artwork, stories and interactive digital media. It is also an economically priced magazine (each issue is literally $3.99) and publish really great short stories. The magazines are admittedly on the shorter side, but I find them to be more focused in that sense. My favorite aspect of this magazine is the fact that the issues are themed by a single genre. This magazine is also accepting submissions world wide, and the best part is that you are paid for your work. I will include the website to their magazine right here: Blank Fiction Magazine. Blank Fiction Magazine is available in the Apple Newsstand store (and whatever the PC equivalent of Newsstand would be) and Glass Mountain Magazine is also available for purchase today, so if you're interested don't hesitate to get your copies of either magazines today!

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