Review: "Waterfall" by Lauren Kate

At long last I have found the time in my busy schedule to finally finish Lauren Kate's Waterfall, the sequel to Teardrop. Being that this is in fact a sequel I am reviewing, I will try my best to avoid major spoilers from the first book. The story continues for Eureka, Ander, and the rest of her friends in an exciting new chapter.

The situation is dire and Eureka must fulfill her destiny as a Tearline girl befor it is too late to save the world her tears have flooded. Constantly at her side is Ander who guides her along their uncertain path towards saving the world and along the way Eureka suffers the weight of her mistakes.

Eureka's strength to act and overcome the obstacles in her path was my favorite part of this story. She grows exponentially, in my opinion, from the girl she was in the previous story to a true heroin ready to face her destiny head-on. Eureka's guilt and grief are heartbreaking, her unrelenting desire for redemption heartracing and her devotion towards protecting her loved ones breathtakingly bold. She took my breath away as often as she made me spill my own tears for the strength she demonstrated in every decision she made throughout this book. It is a worthy sequal to the beauty that is Teardrop when the maincharacter demonstrates this level of character development. As always, Lauren Kate boasts wonderful story telling as she adds to her cast of incredible characters who wait to assist Eureka along her journey. Like Eureka, each of the characters fulfill their own incredible destinies towards the end of the story and leave the reader with a satisfactory sense of awe.

The ending is my other favorite aspect of this story, although I know I promised to make an effort to keep this review spoiler free. All I will say is that Lauren Kate could not have ended this book on a stronger note if she tried. It was perfection.

I was so satisfied with this book that I simply cannot wait for Lauren Kate's newest project, whatever it may be.

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