Review: "Lady Audley's Secret," by Elizabeth Braddon

Some of the best stories I have read come from my literature college courses, and Elizabeth Braddon's novel Lady Audley's Secret is no exception to this. Braddon's

sensation novel follows the story of Robert Audley, a bachelor who investigates the disappearance of his friend George Talboys. His prime suspect is the newly wed wife of his uncle, Lucy Audly who deals in as much charm and grace as she does secrets.

Braddon's senesation novel is chilling and full of suspense. The reason I loved this book so much is because of Robert Audley's character. His devotion to finding the truth concearning the wherabouts of his dear friend, and how his character is effected by his suspicions towards Lucy Audley kept me turning page after page. Robert Audley's criminally honest perception of the world around him misleads and entices Braddon's readers to join Robert in descovering the truth.

Lady Audley's Secret is full of fascinating characters who all have a part to play in the mystery woven by Lucy Audley, like Mr. Harcourt Talboys, the father of George Talboys who has cut himself off from the world and gone as far to disown his own son. Robert is baffled by Harcourt Talboys' disspassionate reaction, which ultimately leaves Robert at a critical moment that tests his resolve to solve the mystery.

Braddon's novel is an exciting ride full of unexpected turns, crucial clues and characters who have their own secrets to keep. It's a satisfying story that should not be missed.

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