The Truly Amazing Story Generators

It's time to add to our inventory of wonderfully useful tools to enhance our writing, and today I have come accross three very vital tools to add to our arsenal: a flip book, a box of cubes that tell their own story, and a returning (and personal favorite) deck of cards with thousands of prompts in each box!

The first item on our list is The Amazing Story Generator by Jay Sacher. This is a flip book of mix-and-match creative writing prompts that provides even the most stumped writer with a combination of three different elements to generate a unique story idea. These elements provide a character, setting and (often times) hilarious scenario for you to write about and get out of writer's block obnoxious grip.

This wonderful little flip book is a savior when it comes to the worst writer's block and leaves you laughing when random chance happens to provide you the most preposterous of scenarios. For the price of $14.95 (less if you have a Barnes & Noble card or Amazon prime membership), this prompt generator is well worth it, especially if you are like me and love to engage with fun tools like those to get your creative juices flowing.

The next item-or I should say items-on our list are Rory's Story Cubes brougth to us by Gamewright. There are three versions of these little cubes involving the Rorys' Story Cubes (basic), Story Cubes: Voyages, and Story Cubes: Actions. Each of these colorful boxes include nine cubes, fifty four images and over ten thousand combinations, which basically means an infinate amount of stories in your toolbox just waiting to be used.

The story cubes also provide other uses besides writing prompts like a party or ice-breaking game, speaking and listening skills, a mental work out or literacy development. The best games are always educational and multifonctional so why on earth would we need more convincing? (Pssst! One box is only $10 or less know!)

I personally own the basic set, but am planning on buying the other two to complete the set, because just imagine having a set of thousands upon thousands of story prompts (with two added themes) in your tool box. Sounds pretty great, huh? I think so!

There are two other editions of these cards including The Storymatic Cards: Colonial Williamsburg Edition and The

Storymatic Cards: Kids. The former is historically themed to the Colonial Era and the latter is themed for writing childrens books. Thousands of prompts can be drawn from these little cards, and even a game for the whole family. You can find these little cards on Amazon or on thier official website: The Storymatic. Although these cards arguably range on the pricier side (The Basic is $29.95 anywhere you look), the price is well worth what these cards deliver. I really reccomend these cards as the basic version I own has proven incredibly usefull (not to mention dependable) on my worst days of writer's block.

So fellow writers, if you happen to be needing strange and entertaining forms of inspiration, look no further than these tools righ here! Our arsenal of tools to keep our pens and pencils moving can never be too full so here are two more additions that should make any writer's lists.

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