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As I’m sure many of you can relate, I find very little time between my school and work schedule to write those epic stories I love to write. A lot of my inspiration stems from books on writing and magazines that have both tips and pieces of fiction that get my creative juices going. So imagine my frustration when I don’t have time to go even flip open those books and read the lessons scrolled across those crisp pages? There’s just something so convenient about a magazine, how you can flip through those glossy pages and come back to it later, again and again. It’s a plus that I found a fiction-specific magazine that’s available on my tablet. Which is great for me because having to carry too many books in my back pack is killer on my spine. Sadly, this magazine is exclusive to tablet reading, but I still find the content to be worth the purchase.

The magazine I’m talking about is called Fiction Writers Universe. Now if you are a non-fiction or memoir writer this one may not be for you, but if you’re among my neck of the woods with an obsession for fiction writing, then get that wallet of yours out because I promise this will be worth every penny! This nice electronic magazine has page after page of brilliantly colored advertisements (all writer related) from software for editing, organizing and managing your ideas. There are writing prompts, awesome advice on character, plot and world development and even articles written by writers with oodles of experience.

As I swiped my iPad’s screen to see more, my excitement only grew for the magazine that was seemingly made just for me. The helpful tips and hands on advice on each volume offers keep me coming back for more. Oh, and did I mention each volume focuses on a different genre? Though the magazine obviously starts with fantasy, volumes on the genres of romance, mystery, etc. are already on the app market waiting! If you’re a writer who’s life depends upon a laptop or tablet like mine does, then I highly recommend you don’t miss out on this magazine. It’s a well thought out magazine for us fiction writers who sometimes only have time for a quick magazine. There is the option of both monthly and yearly subscriptions, so go test the waters and see if this magazine is for you! Cheers!

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