The ALS Charity Ice Bucket Challenge

So I'm confident you all have seen on both youtube and Facebook people splashing themselves with buckets filled with water and chunks of ice. I first saw this happening a few weeks ago, and was wondering why on earth would people want to do such a thing as dump very cold water on themselves? So naturally I asked around and found the answer to be a great one! It turns out that people are pouring buckets of freezing water on themselves for the ALS Association which is working to battle Lou Gehrig's Disease. This water dumping is evidentally a way to raise awareness that's gone viral.

The rules for this ice bucket challenge dictate that if someone nominates you to do it, you have to film yourself taking the challenge and nominate three more people to do the same. Once this is done, you pay ten dollars ($10) to the charity. Refuse, and you'll have to pay one hundred dollars ($100). For more information on this charity and the ALS Association itself, click on this link here:

So my little sister nominated me to take the challenge and since it is for such a good cause, I went ahead and did the challenge and donated myself:

If you'll all excuse the sad face I have at the end (as the water was super cold), please consider (if not doing the ice bucket challenge) donating to the ALS Association as it is a wonderful cause and you really are making a difference by doing so!

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