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My creative writing professor exposed our class last semester to a wonderful deck of cards titled, "The Storymatic Cards." These wonderful little cards, as I've quickly come to see, are a writer's best friend (and evidently a fun game to play for social gatherings but I have yet to attempt this). As the box says, there are literally six trillion story prompts you can score every day with a draw of four cards, two of each of the colors offered. You draw two amber cards and two gold cards, which together, get you your prompt.

The small library I've developed of books that help with my writing are all well and good, but by no means does this library of mine constantly offer me a plethora of wonky prompts that weaken the most stubborn of my writer's blocks. These cards always offer an interesting combination of a character and a trait plus a situation (or an item or a sound depending on what you draw). Having come into possession of a deck of my own, I can excitedly report that I have found great use in these cards and the six trillion prompts the little box promises to deliver as I draw up my next story.

As an added bonus of these cards, is that there are also verious different editions of card decks. There are the Storymatic Classics (which I purchased), the Storymatic Kids (obviously for childrens storys), and the Storymatic Colonial Williamsburg Edition (Being a historical fiction junkie, I plan on this being my next purchase). These cards are an affordable cure to writer's block and a fun interactive way to get inspired so I highly reccomend these for any dedicated writer.

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