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Part of being a writer, I have learned, is being burdened with the tedious task of urrounding ourselves with an environment that forces us to write. As I've grown in my writing (with the help of trunks full of books on how to write) I've realized that that environment also needed to expand to the grueling amount of time I spend daily on the internet. Luckily for me, and you, we writers haven't been forgotten in the world's expansion of the internet.

There are hundreds of resources available to aspiring writers like myself, and well, you. The only problem is, nowadays we are all aware that people can put anything on the internet, and not always is this a good thing as we don't want to be led astray to blogs that have particularily poor examples of writing during our hunting for the best and most helpful blogs. Luckily I've compiled a list of the one's I've found in my long and arduous hunt for that one blog (or in this case several) that's going to send me scrambling for a journal and a pen. I've also included podcasts I follow. You'd be surprised by how much insight you can gain from podcasts that are free on itunes (and other sources easily found on the internet). Many of the podcasts I've listed have interviews with many publishing authors that give super helpful tips.

It should be noted that some of the blogs may be exclusive to Tumblr, and assuming I'm not the only on in the world who has a blog or two on there I'm going to reccomend them. The podcasts on the other hand should be available everywhere.


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